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Dr. Secil’s Skin Line was formulated in thought of the four seasons of the Midwestern states in America. Customers and patients endure many climate changes and Dr. Secil wanted to create a product that would assist with protecting collagen, capillaries, and preventing destruction of the epidermis. Dr. Secil understands that if our first line of defense of our body is compromised there is great potential for allowing foreign viruses and bacteria to invade causing infection and/or illness. Dr. Secil hopes to improve the health of patients and customers nationwide, assisting with individual feelings of well-being, for beautiful skin begins with exceptional healthy skin care.

Formulating Dr. Secil's private line of vitamins and supplements began due to patient review of findings blood work on a daily basis. Many patients are depleted in needed vitamins to maintain a homeostatic body environment. Lifestyles are fast paced and many of us are not eating appropriately. Taking vitamins and supplements do not replacemeals, but they do build a synapse between meal intake and nutrient depletion. Applying Dr. Secil's products to a everyday routine and modifying lifestyles can assist with cholesterol, immunity, neurology, musculoskeletal, cellular, cardiovascular, collagen generation, hair, nail, skin, bone rejuvenation, muscle building, digestion, and energy. Dr. Secil uses her own products that she shares with her patients and customers. Dr. Secil believes in improving the community, maintaining health & wellness, and pressing fitness; for a " Healthy Outside Starts From the Inside". "Mind, Body, & Soul"

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